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Hour of CodeDIGI COMP RESOURCEcode.orgHour long activities - really popular
Code AvengersDIGI COMP RESOURCEcodeavengers.comNZ Made - used in class at times (2019)
ScratchDIGI COMP to create each week in class
Make CodeDIGI COMP RESOURCEMake CodeSite for programming the Microbits
Swift PlaygroundsFOR APPLE / iPAD ONLYSwift PlaygroundsGood for iPad activities - teaches coding in 3D world
OodluQuestion games - teacher can see stats of where students struggleoodlu.orgThis is pretty cool - you create questions to check understanding and if they get them right, they get to play a game between questions! 
SploderArcade style game creationsploder.comKids love this one - easy to use and they can make really cool games
Code with GoogleOnline courses/apps with Google that help teach coding CODE WITH GOOGLEVery cool and up to date activities
pygame.orgADVANCED only
Code Combat
codecombat.comFree 1-3 hour course for intro to programming - kids like this platform
Turtle AcademyBasic Codingturtleacademy.comBeginner
Gamestar MechanicGame
Hour of Code - Lightbot
KoduGame World Buildingkodugamelab.comLike Minecraft - for Medium to advanced users
CrunchzillaTeaches Codingcrunchzilla.comVarying levels - Monster, Maven..
Code Academy
codeacademy.comNot free - trial subscription for learning
SpheroProgrammingSphero ActivtiesComputer coding projects BOOK - $24 by Carol Vorderman
OMG Tech - Year 7/8Online Coding for Year 7/8 Tech practise lessons
How does Binary Work?TED ED VIDEOBinary
Endangered SoundsOld Tech
Game BuilderCreate online learning types of game building - templates - Beginner and up
Codemojistudents can create and save both animations and basic webpagesCodemoji
BotLogicSimple directional codinghttp://botlogic.usBeginner and up
STENCYLDownloadable Game BuilderSTENCYLCan be used on multiple platforms - even on android phones