All the time, Every time, All of us, Everywhere! - The intentional transformation of a failing school - Ian Taylor


about us!

Our philosophy:

Practical professional development that you can use the very next day.

What we do:

We believe that professional development should be differentiated to suit the learner, so we respond to the needs that your group has and create a programme that will best suit the purpose.

Why we do it this way:

Because that’s how professional development for teachers should be! (Not copy-pasted for every group that walks through the doors!)

Our story:

Manurewa Intermediate went from dysfunctional, in so many ways, to gaining back-to-back 4-5 year ERO reviews, as well as winning the 2017 Prime Ministers Education Excellence Award (Excellence in Engaging, and the Supreme Award) and being in the final four for Excellence in Leading. 

Over the past ten years, we have gone through an incredibly effective change journey which has resulted in much interest from schools throughout New Zealand, as well as around the world. Whilst we are not saying we know everything about innovative curriculum delivery, school leadership and change, we believe we have some good stuff to share, as borne out by the myriad of schools and organisations that sought us out. So, we decided to create a way to share our experiences with the wider educational community. Hence, the MI PLH was born!


Well I’ve searched the world for an answer and I think I’ve found it right here in Manurewa Intermediate, that if any school has got the secret of how we can prepare our kids for the future I think it’s this one!”    

  • Bryan Bruce, Documentary Journalist - Redsky Productions (Documentary Journalist Bryan Bruce, after his visit to Manurewa Intermediate for his 2016 NZ education documentary by Redsky Productions).

“Our team is still buzzing from their visit to your school and things are happening already.” 

  • Wendy Sheridan-Smith, Principal - Hawera Intermediate

“What a great experience!! Highly recommend visiting Manurewa Intermediate for PD.  Multiple staff gave us extensive time to sit and discuss various workings of the school, ideas and answer questions. Our visit was tailored specifically to what we asked for.  I would have no hesitation in going back to Manurewa Intermediate for further PD.”

  • Bryan Adams, Dean - William Colenso College

“We sent a group of our teachers to Manurewa Intermediate and they came back buzzing after their visit. The group went into the visit with a specific focus and the team at MI delivered a relevant and bespoke PD session for the team. It is always great for teachers to see another context in action and the team at MI PLH were total pros!”

  • Phil Toomer, Principal - Meadowbank School