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SpellodromeSpelling site like Mathletics
Kno WordVocab building
StoriumOnline story building
VocabulistLanguage and
Game!Digital Literacy GameCommon Sense
FactitiousCan you tell REAL news from the FAKE news?
FuturismGet kids to read these articles, they are about the future!
The ChaosEnglish language
EthnologueLearn about the languages of the
Norse WordsHow the Vikings influenced
WriteWrite for specified periods of time - build your
StoriumImprove as a
Website EvaluatorHow to spot good sites from
5 Minute MysterySolve the case!
Reading RocketsYoung readers, how to help
LitPickLiterature Reviews for
Poem HunterFind lyrics, poems and
Storyline OnlineAwesome stories read by
Tournament Spelling BeeSpelling
Alpha-BotLearn spelling
Spell UpVoice
RewordifyMakes harder English into simpler
Text to Speech ReaderConverts text into speech!
Fake Text MessagesCreates your own fake texts to encourage
Bad NewsFake news education
Little Shop of WritersVideos about
Visual DictionaryImages and words
TaleshipPeer to peer collaborative
Book BubHelps you find a book to
Whooo's ReadingReading response with
There's a Poem for That7 Animated interpretations of classic poems
Parts of SpeechPaste text in and it colour codes the parts of speech
Unite for Literacy40 languages in books
LetterboxWord game - find words in a 9 letter grid on a timer! Good for warm
PoppedWrite stories in a texting style! Publish and edit!
SemantrisWord Association
DreamscapeReading turns into gamified