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NZ DRAG CHAMP - Leighton Leevard (Room 62)

Leighton Leevard (Room 62) participated in the New Zealand Junior Dragster Champs for 2021 on Saturday where 29 Juniors across New Zealand competed aged 7 – 17years (Saturday, unfortunately, returned home to the lockdown news with Sundays racing being cancelled).

Leighton raced well in what was a tough competition and walked away with two trophies for,

1st place Chicago Shootout Procomp DYO NZ Juniors Dragster Champ (in non race terms 1st place for the best driver/racer for the intermediate age 10 – 12y across NZ)

Best reaction time of a 0.024 second reaction time taking off when the light goes green for the Intermediate age group (also known as Pro comp class)